Saturday, 22 March 2014

Holy Continuity Clusterfuck Batman! We're Getting the Conclusion to First Contact Crossover Before Part 3!

Lately DC Comics has been silently delaying the releases of a few titles from Forever Evil #7 to Justice League 30, and now recently Nightwing #30 and Batman/Superman #9.

I'll be honest and say I've been a little out of the loop with DC Comics news these days, but I do think it's a bit problematic for them to delay the conclusion of one of their major events after it's already been announced months ago that all DC titles would be caught up to this event by April.

More interesting yet, it was learnt yesterday that Part 3 of the First Contact crossover event between Batman/Superman and Worlds' Finest has been delayed to 16 April, meanwhile we're still getting the conclusion (Part 4) next week.

If you 're scratching your heads yet, you're not alone because this makes no bloody sense. It's certainly not the first time DC has delayed the release of this event for unexplained reasons (it was assumed last time that Jae Lee needed more time to finish drawing his part of the crossover), but at least the first time it got delayed, both books were released on the same day. This time, however, it appears as though DC is proceeding to release the conclusion of the crossover next week as scheduled, but is delaying the part that comes before that for next month. Even Greg Pak confirmed on his blog that this is the case.

I'll be honest and say, I really don't know what to make of this other than I don't really see this ending well. If something came up with Batman/Superman #9 that needed fixing, it would have made sense to delay the release of Part 4 as well so that the crossover doesn't get read out of order. But who knows what goes on behind the scenes at DC Comics these days. With the Batman/Superman book in particular, I've been noticing a pattern of DC consistently delaying the release dates of upcoming issues, and apparently even shuffling the order in which its future issues will be released.

As of right now, even I don't know what story to expect starting May. According to Rich Johnston over at BleedingCool, Jeff Lemire will be writing a fill-in issue for issue #10, and the solicited story for the month of May (the last days of the Earth-2 Batman and Superman from a different point of view) will be pushed to issue #11. But, then a quick look at the DC Comics website doesn't seem to accurately reflect the change. Basically the covers don't even match their updated solicitations.

So yeah...I don't know. I've been liking the Batman/Superman book largely for its Earth-2 story arcs and Jae Lee's art, but I'm not sure I'm going to keep following this book once the First Contact crossover concludes. The constant rescheduling and reshuffling of issues for this series is starting to get too convoluted for my liking, especially since I don't like unnecessary disruptions to a story for reasons that never get explained.

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  1. That Batman/Superman #9 has been was pushed back is nothing compared to Superman Unchained which has been regularly pushed back and was supposed to end next month. Now it may end sometime this summer or fall (who knows?).