Helena Wayne Huntress is a fan-run blog dedicated to one of DC's most compelling heroines of both the Justice Society and Batman properties, Helena Wayne.

To many DC Comics fans, Helena Wayne is more than just the alter-ego of the Huntress and the Earth-2 daughter of DC's second most iconic couple, Batman and Catwoman. She is also one of the valued members of the Justice Society of America (the original superhero team), the best friend of Power Girl (Superman's cousin, ), and her existence even facilitated the creation of the Prime Earth Huntress, Helena Bertinelli.

Depending on the continuity, Helena Wayne is either the daughter of the Golden Age Batman and Catwoman who continues their legacy as the Huntress and is also an active member of the Justice Society of America, or she is the alternate universe daughter of Batman and Catwoman who started out as their Robin and later continued their legacy as the Huntress working alongside a new generation of heroes known as "Wonders." In both cases, she is still the daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle who doesn't originate on the same Earth as the Justice League and their versions of the Trinity.

This blog seeks to document all of the character's appearances in comics and in other media since her DC debut in 1977. This blog also seeks document her native world of Earth-2, the teams that she has worked with (such as the Justice Society, Justice League, and Infinity Inc), and the relationships that are unique to her such as her friendship with Power Girl, and her immediate family members like Selina Kyle, Bruce Wayne, and Dick Grayson.

This blog also seeks to be a resource to other fans who are interested in the character by providing a list of all of her comic appearances, links to where these comics can be legally purchased, and even provide reviews and previews of the comics she appears in to help fans find comics that are more to their tastes.

One comic I will definitely never support on this website is Earth-2: World's End, and that is mainly because it is the event comic that actively destroyed the Earth-2 franchise during the New 52 and DC You eras. It is also the comic that hurt Helena Wayne's commercial success during that period, more so than the New 52 Earth-2 and Worlds' Finest books ever did.

As a project, Earth-2: World's End was very poorly conceived and very haphazardly executed. The execution suffered from problems like sloppy plotting and editing, inconsistent writing and art, characters were frequently written out of character, and female characters (including Helena Wayne) were often degraded, dehumanised, and brutalised as plot devices for progressing the story. The story itself was also creatively bankrupt to the point where it was just 26 issues of tasteless disaster porn instead of a carefully thought out narrative about people surviving the destruction of their planet. It was an epically bad comic in nearly every capacity.

While DC has published various comics in the past that can be described as "bad," Earth-2: World's End took that to a whole new level never achieved by previous bad comics. Whereas other DC properties were able to bounce back from very bad runs with a change in editor, creative team, and a new direction, Earth-2: World's End was the bad comic that completely destroyed the Earth-2 property to the point where not even a change in all of these areas made a difference in the aftermath. It left many fans (myself included) feeling angry and resentful towards the previous caretakers, and it proved to be a major commercial liability to Earth-2: Society. It literally required Dan Abnett's entire Earth-2: Society run to completely reboot the property and bring it back to a better place both conceptually and commercially for a successful future relaunch.

With the level of damage Earth-2: World's End caused to both Helena Wayne and the Justice Society property as a whole, it is literally not a comic worth acknowledging, let alone one that is worth promoting. Since the goal of this blog is to expose fans to the character of Helena Wayne, her world of Earth-2, and her superhero family in their best form, as well as show how their collective narrative has changed and evolved throughout time, Earth-2: World's End is very counterintuitive to that goal. In my opinion, the comic as a whole does not represent who Helena Wayne is a heroine, and it especially does not represent what Earth-2 and the Justice Society are actually about. It is the lowest point of both the character and Justice Society's publication history and that's all the acknowledgement that it really needs. The four paragraphs I just spent discussing this work is all that needs to be said about this comic and why you can't expect to see it featured or mentioned on this site.