Sunday 27 November 2016

Was Earth-2: Society Supposed to be the Rebirth of Earth-2 Proper? If So, Where Did it All Go Wrong?

I've been thinking a lot about this lately, and especially Dan Abnett's confirmation that he was brought onto the Earth-2: Society title with the goal of saving the comic. Was Daniel H. Wilson originally supposed to revive the original Earth during his run, but failed to deliver on that promise? Was DC recognising their failure with Earth-2 the reason the proper Justice Society is being "rebirthed" on Prime Earth?

Thursday 24 November 2016

Better Ways to Reboot the Earth-2 Dick Grayson Without Erasing Helena Wayne's Story

Earth-2: Society has been a very controversial book ever since it got launched with the writer who gave us Earth-2: World's End, Daniel H. Wilson. Though DC had since replaced Wilson with another writer who is better oriented to Earth-2 lore and the Justice Society characters--Dan Abnett--the book remained controversial. Not because Abnett hadn't been telling more thoughtful stories with these characters since taking over the title, nor because he hadn't been handling the characters with the care and respect they deserve. He had actually been excelling on both of these fronts. Rather, the book remained controversial because the narrative kept centring on a new "Batman" DC kept trying to sell to Earth-2 and Justice Society readers as "Dick Grayson."

Tuesday 22 November 2016

Earth-2: Society Has Been Cancelled. What Now?

Written by DAN ABNETT
The Wonders battle the Sandmen army to free the new Earth 2 from a dystopian fate, but the new world Director has unleashed his terrifying secret weapon. Can Batman, Huntress and John, the weakest of the wonders, shut down the Director’s stronghold? It’s a dangerous, last-minute gamble…and the price may be too great to bear.
On sale FEBRUARY 8 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US RATED T • FINAL ISSUE

Wednesday 16 November 2016

Wonder Woman Wednesday: Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special #1 Review

Title: Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special #1
Story: Gives Us Strength, Predators, One Side Alone, Wonder Woman in Conversation, Oh Themyscira, The Age of Wonder, Wonder Woman 75 Song, Legend of Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman: The True Amazon, Democratic Design, Big Things One Day Come
Characters: Diana Prince (Wonder Woman), Etta Candy, Steve Trevor, Giganta, Lois Lane, Paula Von Gunther, Irena Sendler, Red Panzer,
Creators: Rafael Scavone, Rafael Albuquerque, Brendan Fletcher, Karl Kerschl, Michele Assarasakorn, Mairghread Scott, Riley Rossmo, Greg Rucka, Liam Sharp, Fábio Moon, Marguerite Bennett, Marguerite Sauvage, Jill Thompson, Hope Larson, Ramon Bachs, Gail Simone, Colleen Doran,
Publication Date: October 2016
Available In: Print | Digital

Summary: A compilation of artwork and short stories by all-star creators from Gail Simone, Greg Rucka, Rafael Albuquerque, Brian Bolland, Phil Jimenez, Renae De Liz, and Liam Sharp to Hope Larson, Marguerite Bennet, Jill Thompson, Colleen Doran, and more!

Saturday 12 November 2016

Earth-2: Society #18 Review

Title: Earth-2: Society #18
Story: After the End: The Final Fate of Earth-2
Characters: Huntress (Helena Wayne), Power Girl (Kara Zor-L), Fury (Donna Troy), Hawkgirl (Kendra Muñoz-Saunders), Flash (Jay Garrick), Superman (Val-Zod), Commander Steel (Henry Heywood III)
Creators: Dan Abnett (writer), Bruno Redondo (artist)
Publication Date: November 2016
Available In: Print | Digital

Summary: In the ghost world of Old Metropolis, Helena Wayne and her two companions are going for a stroll, trying to figure out where they are. Helena is upset that they're in limbo and doesn't believe there is anyone else around. That is until they are attacked by an army of Sandmen, which she and her companions effortlessly defeat.

On the other side of Metropolis, Val-Zod theorises that reality has been completely rebooted and that they've all been changed in subtle ways. He also thinks that the world does exist but is "out of phase" and is "waiting to catch up." Fury decides to test this theory by punching through an invisible wall, revealing a fully realised interior. This attracts the attention of the Sandmen who are still acting the heroes like antibodies attacking a virus that invaded a host body.

The heroes succeed in keeping the Sandmen at bay, but their surroundings go pitch black before revealing a fully realised living Metropolis with a modern retro aesthetic. There to greet the heroes is Henry Heywood III, the third Commander Steel.

Wednesday 9 November 2016

Earth-2: Society #18 Preview

Written by DAN ABNETT
Earth 2 as they knew it is gone, and a ghost world is all that remains. The surviving heroes have failed in their effort to save the world. As they struggle to accept the disaster they have caused, something in the phantom mist begins to hunt for them. In the Ghost World, no heroes can be allowed to exist.

Saturday 5 November 2016

The Best of the Huntress: Wonder Woman #297 Review

Title: Wonder Woman #297
Story: Go Save The World!
Characters: Huntress (Helena Wayne), Harry Sims, Blackwing (Charley Bullock)
Creators: Joey Cavalieri (writer), Joe Staton (artist)
Publication Date: November 1982
Available In: Unavailable :(

Summary: There is a new threat in Gotham, and for the first time since the Huntress took over protecting the city, an innocent civilian does not feel safe without Batman. As Charley Bullock steps up to protect a convenience store owner from a thug named Toro, Charley starts to think about whether or not Gotham has remained safe ever since the Batman died in 1979. Is the presence of the Huntress alone enough to protect Gotham, or is it time for a new hero to step up and continue what the Batman started?