Sunday 23 June 2019

Earth-2 Heroes Join The Justice League In Upcoming Justice Doom War

Justice League #26 kickstarted the storyline that's going to lead into Scott Snyder's 'Justice Doom War' epic, and presumably the 'Year of the Villain' event.

Following the events of 'The Sixth Dimension', Superman has recruited the World Forger to the Justice League in order to help them save the DC Multiverse from dying as a consequence of the Source Wall breaking during the events of Dark Nights: Metal. However, when the heroes returned to their Earth, they soon discovered that their world has been in state of disarray during their absence.

Wednesday 19 June 2019

The Best of the Huntress: Wonder Woman #320 Review

Title: Wonder Woman #320
Story: Flashbacks
Characters: Huntress (Helena Wayne), Tom Kelly, June Moorman
Creators: Joey Cavalieri (writer), Stan Woch (artist)
Publication Date: 03 October 1984
Available In: Digital

Summary: Helena Wayne has been having recurring nightmares of late, and they are beginning to affect her sleep. To 'cure' her insomnia, Helena decides to venture out into the night as the Huntress to investigate a series of robberies. As soon as she notices a cat motif to the robberies, Helena is immediately triggered and passes out. Upon waking up, she realises she isn't feeling well, and decides to seek professional help. She goes to the one person she feels she can trust: a new ally in the form of Tom Kelly!

Wednesday 12 June 2019

The Justice Society Returns In Scott Snyder's Justice League This Autumn

Today has been an interesting, yet very weird day for me. For one, my day started out with a friend and I sharing our disillusionment with DC as of late, especially in face of some of the kerfuffles that have been taking place ever since WB and AT&T have been taking a more active role in managing DC's intellectual properties.

Then later in the day, I talked in-depth about Helena Wayne's core mythology as a character, why she fits in better with the Justice Society, and why she doesn't really fit into the narrative of the Prime Earth Bruce and Selina because of how profoundly different their journeys are.

Sunday 9 June 2019

Top 5 Times Helena Wayne Hinted She May Be Bisexual

June is Pride Month for the LGBTQA community, and for years I've been wanting to write about Helena Wayne's bisexual behaviour in the comics. Everything from pre-Crisis to post-Crisis to post-Flashpoint, there has been a treasure trove of evidence that seem to suggest Batman and Catwoman's canonical Earth-2 daughter may be attracted to more than one gender.

While Helena Wayne has historically only had one confirmed romantic partner—District Attorney Harry Sims—writers also couldn't resist teasing romantic attraction between herself and her father's ward, Dick Grayson, as well as writing her friendship with Power Girl in ways that play into romantic tropes. In the latter case, it's especially hard to overlook the queer subtext.

Despite neither DC Comics nor Huntress co-creator Paul Levitz ever explicitly confirming Helena Wayne's sexuality, there are plenty stories with the character for readers to examine and draw our own conclusions. Based on the way Helena Wayne has interacted with various characters as both the Huntress and as herself across three different continuities, I would argue that she is indeed bisexual.

From pre-Crisis to post-Crisis to post Flashpoint here are my Top 5 picks that—to some degree—support my conclusions.

Saturday 1 June 2019

Doomsday Clock vs Justice League: Two Competing Entities for the Evolution of the DC Multiverse

Doomsday Clock #10 came out this past week, and I have to say this is the first issue I've genuinely enjoyed since the series first launched in 2017. I won't get into Doctor Manhattan's role in this story too much in part because I feel Geoff Johns has been using the character in ways that don't fully understand the purpose of his character in Watchmen, and in part because I want to focus on the details that matter most to me in this story: the history of the DC Multiverse and specifically how that changed over a period of time.

Geoff Johns shifted focus back to the DC Universe in Doomsday Clock #8, but it is actually in Doomsday Clock #10 where we start seeing answers to some of the questions first posited in DC Universe Rebirth #1 in 2016, some of which seem to intersect with events happening in Scott Snyder's Justice League. There will be spoilers throughout this post for both Doomsday Clock and Justice League. If you aren't caught up on either series (or both) this is your stopping point to give you the chance to catch up. If you are all up-to-date, proceed to the next paragraph.