Sunday, 20 August 2017

Favourite DC Heroes: Who Are My Top Ten?

This is a question I get a lot from friends and followers on social media and with good reason. After all, in a large superhero universe like DC, there has to be more than one character that I like, right? Otherwise, why bother investing in DC at all?

It's a no brainer which of DC's roster of characters would make #1 on my list (duh), but what a lot of fellow DC fans want to know is "who are the other DC characters I love just as much as my #1?

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Road to Justice Society Rebirth: What We Know So Far, Week 07 (Spoilers Ahead)

Picking up where Dark Days: The Casting #1 left off last month, Dark Nights: Metal #1 begins to show the consequences of Bruce Wayne opening a portal to the dark multiverse.

Once again, not a whole lot is revealed in this first issue regarding the Justice Society that we didn't know already. However, opening that portal to the dark multiverse does draw the attention of some of DC's magic-based characters such as the Justice Society's Doctor Fate and Vertigo's Dream of the Endless. Another group of characters the dark multiverse attracts are the Blackhawks, whose leader--Lady Blackhawk--is revealed to be former Hawkgirl, Kendra Saunders.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Road to Justice Society Rebirth: What We Know So Far, Week 06 (Spoilers Ahead)

Last month, Dark Days: The Forge #1 planted some very exciting seeds for the upcoming Dark Knights: Metal event. The plot threads I am particularly interested in are the ones involving the Hawks--Carter and Shiera Hall--and Batman and Mr. Terrific. Unfortunately, we don't learn anything new from the Hawks that we hadn't already learned prior to Dark Days: The Casting, but it does appear to set them up for exploring the multiverse, which could possibly have them revisit their origins on Earth-2.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The Best of the Huntress: Wonder Woman #306 Review

Title: Wonder Woman #306
Story: It's...Madness!
Characters: Huntress (Helena Wayne), Gary Minelli, Clancy O'Hara, Milo
Creators: Joey Cavalieri (writer), Michael Hernandez (artist)
Publication Date: August 1983
Available In: Digital

Summary: The violent ward of Arkham Asylum has broken free and they're out for blood...but not the blood of the Gotham authorities. Instead, they're after the people who placed them there: Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether! As the Huntress learns the dark details of Tarr and Fether's sinister operation at Arkham, Police Commissioner O'Hara is being pressured by the citizens of Gotham to take action against the Huntress, following allegations of murder by reporter Nedra Borrower!

Friday, 30 June 2017

DC Universe Rebirth Year One in Review Part 02

Yesterday we took a look at all of Rebirth's major accomplishments throughout its first year (at least the ones that mattered to me), so it only makes sense that we should have a look at the things that could've been done better. Admittedly, this list is not as long as the one for Part 01 of this review (which is a good thing), but they are still major shortcomings that DC needs to improve upon, especially if Rebirth is going to lead to longterm success instead of a temporary sales boost. A lot of it, unsurprisingly centres around their current structure and business model!

Thursday, 29 June 2017

DC Universe Rebirth Year One in Review Part 01

This month completes the first year of DC's Rebirth initiative with a lot of the books that started this month a year ago now hitting their 25th anniversary issues. After a year, it's time to reflect on what DC did well and what areas they still need to improve upon. But first, the high points!

Saturday, 17 June 2017

The Best of the Huntress: Wonder Woman #305 Review

Title: Wonder Woman #305
Story: Straightjacket
Characters: Huntress (Helena Wayne), Harry Sims, Doctor Tarr, Professor Fether, Milo
Creators: Joey Cavalieri (writer), Michael Hernandez (artist)
Publication Date: July 1983
Available In: Unavailable :(

Summary: The Huntress has been captured by Dr. Tarr and Milo, both of whom escaped from the Willow Funeral Home prior to explosion. Feeling threatened that the Huntress is equally hot on the trail of their own scam, the duo take the Huntress back to Arkham Asylum to get her "fixed up" by a man known only as "Professor Fether." When the Huntress arrives at Gotham's most infamous sanitarium, what horrors await for her there? Has Arkham Asylum's doctors truly gone rogue, or have the patients taken over the asylum?

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Road to Justice Society Rebirth: What We Know So Far, Week 05 (Spoilers Ahead)

It has been a month now since "The Button" concluded with more questions than answers, and this month begins DC's latest event Dark Knights: Metal. As such, the book to check out this month is Dark Days: The Forge #1, which--like "The Button"--continues to plant new mysteries surrounding the DC Universe's Rebirth.

Previously, we learned that a near 100-year-old Johnny Thunder is being kept in a resting home, and is one of the few people on Prime Earth who still remembers the Justice Society. We also previously learned from "The Button" that Jay Garrick is trapped in the speed force, or some other dimension where he is being kept prisoner by Dr. Manhattan. We also learned that Kent Nelson was being held prisoner in his Tower in Salem by Nabu, and was only recently released from his magic-induced coma (complete with helmet on head) in the events of Blue Beetle #9.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Batman Proposes To Catwoman In Rebirth. What Could This Mean For Our Girl, Helena Wayne?

Last week, DC Comics did the unexpected. In the pages of Batman #24 by Tom King and David Finch, Bruce Wayne got down on one knee and proposed marriage to Selina Kyle with a ring using the same diamond she originally stole (in Batman #1 from 1940) that he later bought from the owner. It was a very significant moment in Bruce and Selina's present.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Yay or Nay? My Thoughts on Wonder Woman, Mild Spoilers Ahead!

Wonder Woman is here and she is crushing everything else at the box office this weekend! This is excellent news for both a superhero film fronted by a woman as well as a female director. It is also the film that is going to undoubtedly pave the road for more female-led superhero films, and hopefully female (including women of colour) directors as well.

Taking place in the last year of World War I, Wonder Woman chronicles Princess Diana's heroic journey from her life as the Amazonian daughter of Queen Hippolyta on Themyscira to becoming the world-wide sensation known as "Wonder Woman" in Man's World. At the start of her journey, Diana has a very innocent view of the world and of mankind comparable to that of a child. As she becomes acquainted with the world of man, its prejudices, weaknesses, and corruption, she starts to learn that life on the other side is more complex and not as clear-cut as she was accustomed to on Themyscira. By the end of her journey, Diana develops a stronger sense of identity and mission for herself.