Monday 31 December 2012

The Best of the Huntress in 2012

One more last post for 2012 before it goes away for good on my end! The Top 10 Helena Wayne panels of 2012!

Some of these will be from 2011, but whatevs! Helena Wayne wasn’t around long enough in 2011 to make one of these then.

And on with it!

10. Kicking pimps around in her nightie (Huntress #1) 

9. Eating sfogliatelle while working (Huntress #2) 

8. Scaring the dogs away with the infamous Bat-glare (Huntress #3) 

7. Flirting to get information (Huntress #4)

6. Treating sexual violence against women as a very serious crime (Huntress #5)

5. Scaring the shit out of misogynistic men (Huntress #6)

4. Feeling embarrassed by Mum and Dad’s unrestrained snogging (Worlds’ Finest #0)

3. Tree Huntress! (Worlds’ Finest #3)

2. DADDY! (Earth-2 #1) 

1. Beating up sexist thugs and sitting on them like. a. freaken. boss! (Words’ Finest #4) 

Is anyone even surprised by this last one? :P

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