Saturday 11 January 2020

Earth-5G Starting Much Sooner This Month?

We knew going into the new year that a new official DC timeline would kickstart Earth-5G sometime later in 2020. However, DC co-publisher Dan DiDio announced yesterday that the new timeline will officially start in Wonder Woman #750 out later this month on 22 January—the same day that The Huntress: Origins will be released to comic book stores. The story debuting the new timeline will be written by DC superstar Scott Snyder with artwork by the equally talented Bryan Hitch. The story will also officially establish Wonder Woman as DC's first superhero on this new DC Earth.

Exactly how the new timeline will unfold throughout this year is unknown at this time, but it appears we'll start seeing more of the new timeline with the Flash's renumbering in The Flash #750 out next month. Exactly how the Justice Society of America will be reinstated and how their new timeline will subsequently affect Huntress and Power Girl's timelines is also unknown. What we do know is that Tom King keeps teasing Helena Wayne's appearance in his upcoming Batman/Catwoman maxiseries, but we don't know in what capacity.

What I can say for myself is that I'm cautiously optimistic. On the one hand, I do like that DC has the new history mapped out this time, and I especially like that DC is looking to reinstate as much of their original history as possible in the new timeline from pre-Crisis to post-Crisis to post-Flashpoint to now. On the other hand, there's also a lot that can go wrong as well, especially when attempting to—once again—merge an entire DC history that started out as a multiverse into a single-shared universe.

The latter is where I see problems will start to emerge, especially if DC's pre-Crisis history still happened in some capacity, leading to the still canonised Crisis on Infinite Earths event. This is especially true since DC is making Wonder Woman their first superhero in this new timeline instead of Superman, which is already a profound change. At best, it looks like the new pre-Crisis DC timeline will split up at some point if The Flash of Two Worlds is still canon in this new timeline, but it's still going to be significantly different from the one we had before. So I guess, we'll see what happens.

What I do hope for is that the upcoming changes won't further convolute the timelines of both the original Helena Wayne Huntress and Power Girl—two characters who already suffer from having their entire histories and characters rewritten to accommodate reboots. If I at least get versions of these two characters who resemble their original pre-Crisis counterparts, and their characters and narratives are handled with better care and respect to their histories this time, I'll at least be content with that, in addition to seeing them reinstated as members of the Justice Society.

Source: Newsarama.

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