Wednesday 5 February 2020

DC FCBD 2020: Generation Zero The Next Milestone To Earth-5G

DC Announced their 'Top Secret' Gold Book for FCBD 2020 today, Generation Zero, which will be the next milestone on the road to the upcoming Earth-5G.

Without revealing too much, the story is going to centre on Wally West, who will essentially be functioning in a similar capacity to Power Girl in Infinite Crisis and Barry Allen in Flashpoint. In the story, Wally will get a glimpse of the DC Multiverse's past, present, and future, and will get the opportunity to reshape it.

I suppose if it took a Flash to radically change the course of the DC Multiverse with Flashpoint, it's going to take another Flash to restore what was lost. Generation Zero will also reprint the Scott Snyder and Bryan Hitch story from Wonder Woman #750 to officially kick off the narrative path to Earth-5G.

I will say for myself that I am still cautiously optimistic. On the one hand, I do like that DC is finally embracing all of their past history and are looking to restore all of it in some capacity with Earth-5G. On the other hand, there is also still room for continuity problems to occur, especially when trying to merge an entire DC Multiverse of conflicting histories, core mythologies, and characters into a single timeline. Still, I want to wish the best of this new initiative, and hopefully, get DC fans back to a place of feeling excited to follow their favourite characters again.

I, of course, will feel content again as soon as we get back the original pre-Crisis Huntress alongside Power Girl, the Justice Society, and Infinity Inc. A new DC Universe without Helena Wayne and the people closest to her is simply not a DC Universe I'd be enthusiastic to invest in.

While we wait, however, we can still invest our time in the newly released Huntress: Origins for our Helena Wayne Huntress fix, and we can even currently purchase her first New 52 story, Huntress: Crossbow at the Crossroads, for only $5.99 on Comixology this week!

Source: Newsarama

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  1. Let's just hope this goes better than the last major event to involve Wally.