Friday, 31 October 2014

The Best of Power Girl: All-Star Comics #58-59 Review

Title: All-Star Comics #58-59
Story: All Star Super Squad/Brainwave Blows Up
Characters: Power Girl (Kara Zor-L), Flash (Jay Garrick), Green Lantern (Alan Scott), Dr. Fate (Kent Nelson), Wildcat (Ted Grant), Brain Wave, Per Degaton
Creators: Gerry Conway (writer), Ric Estrada (artist)
Publication Date: February-April 1976
Available In: Print | Digital

Introduction: When I decided to go back in time to cover Huntress and Power Girl's comic book Golden Age, I realised I couldn't begin this coverage without discussing the first female member of the Justice Society since the actual Golden Age: Power Girl. Not only was Power Girl the most prominent female character fronting the Earth-2 Justice Society books during the Bronze Age, but her membership into the Justice Society also led to creation of (and subsequently, the character's first meeting with) the Huntress, Helena Wayne. While Power Girl would undoubtedly become an important person in the Huntress' life as well as one of her most enduring friendships, this friendship would also become of equal value to Power Girl for reasons that will be explored in these first set of reviews. Beginning with her first appearance in All-Star Comics #58-59, we humbly explore the origins of the Earth-2 Kara Zor-L, better known to everyone as Power Girl.