Monday 12 February 2018

Wright On Network Presents: Helena Wayne Huntress

The Wright On Network interviews Diane, master of the website.  Diane discusses the 40 years of the character's existence.  Be sure to visit her site, as she is a wonderful custodian of the character.

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What do you think about Helena Wayne?  How would you like to see her portrayed in the comics?  Contact us at or Twitter at @feathersandfoes

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  1. Well, given that Tom King is a huge Batman and Catwoman fan, i think that he will bring back Helena aswell. I am Batman fan myself, and i would actually like to see her raised by Bruce and Selina and to be in Bat-family. It's for the writer to decide how things will work out. I would be thrilled and most happy to have the original Huntress back, i really would be.

  2. Diane, who would be your dream team, writer/artist, produce the Helena Wayne Huntress.