Sunday 23 June 2019

Earth-2 Heroes Join The Justice League In Upcoming Justice Doom War

Justice League #26 kickstarted the storyline that's going to lead into Scott Snyder's 'Justice Doom War' epic, and presumably the 'Year of the Villain' event.

Following the events of 'The Sixth Dimension', Superman has recruited the World Forger to the Justice League in order to help them save the DC Multiverse from dying as a consequence of the Source Wall breaking during the events of Dark Nights: Metal. However, when the heroes returned to their Earth, they soon discovered that their world has been in state of disarray during their absence.

Realising that Lex Luthor will be using Perpetua to reshape the DC Multiverse to his liking, the heroes will need to recruit every known hero in the multiverse, the Monitor, and even the Anti-Monitor to help stop Luthor and Perpetua from finalising their plans. Among the recruited multiverse heroes include the post-Flashpoint Earth-2 heroes.

I don't know how big a role the post-Flashpoint Earth-2 heroes will play in the upcoming 'Justice Doom War' storyline, or whether or not their presence will be key to bringing back the classic Justice Society heroes into mainstream continuity. What I do know is that it would certainly be strange for them not to have a role in that considering that Earth-2 is historically the Justice Society Earth where the original Golden Age continuity took place.

Whatever Scott Snyder has planned for both the post-Flashpoint Earth-2 characters and their more iconic classic counterparts in this new epic, I'm definitely excited to see how it all pans out. I at least take comfort in knowing that at least a version of Helena Wayne (the post-Flashpoint version) will be participating in this event, possibly in a similar capacity to her more classic counterpart in Crisis on Infinite Earths three decades prior.

Admittedly, I am still not a fan of this version of Helena Wayne trading in her Huntress identity to take over as Batman on Earth-2. In my opinion, that development still erases her mother's contribution to her character, and reduces Helena's identity to that of her father's. The whole point of Helena Wayne as a character is that she builds on her parents' legacy, but ultimately creates her own identity and unique modus operandi as a hero.

Despite not being a fan of the way post-Flashpoint Helena's journey developed, I am, however, still hopeful that her being there will somehow lead to the resurfacing of her more classic counterpart from pre-Crisis Earth-2. After all, if we're getting New Alan Scott along with Alan Scott Classic, who's to say Helena Wayne Classic is off the table just because her more modern counterpart exists? (Besides, I still opine Power Girl Classic needs her best friend back...)

In addition to pre-Crisis Helena Wayne as the Huntress, I'm also hoping the original Infinity Inc heroes from the Bronze Age will resurface as one of the 'unexpected returns', along with the post-Crisis Barbara Gordon as Oracle, cause I really miss her. (Hey, a girl can dream right?)

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