Monday 9 December 2013

The Best of the Huntress in 2013

It's that time of year again folks, and you know what that means.....

Time to talk about the cool things the Huntress did in 2013!

Amidst all the whining I did this year about the lack of direction story-wise and the lack of character growth, the artists (and sometimes Levitz) don't disappoint.

Regrettably this year's list is far less interesting than last year's, but it's something. :(

10. Acquiring the first iteration of the Huntress costume. (Worlds' Finest #9)

9. Entering the room with style and attitude (Worlds' Finest #11)

8. Carry me in your arms and fly away! (Worlds' Finest #12)

7. Tea time! A favourite past time in England. (Worlds' Finest #13)

6. Hug your best friend and show no regrets. (Worlds' Finest #14)

5. Escape artist! (Worlds' Finest #15)

4. Dat Ass! (Worlds' Finest #15)

3. Comfort your best friend when going through a rough time (Worlds' Finest #16)

2. BatCat tattoo even if it could've used a better design. (Worlds' Finest #17)

1. Helena thinking about her childhood (Worlds' Finest #8)

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